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Hertfordshire Population Statistics

Special Publication:
Hertfordshire Population Statistics 1563 to 1801 (2nd edition) First edition by Lionel Munby (1964); updated by Heather Falvey

Hertfordshire Population Statistics 1563-1801 includes tables with population figures for 127 pre-nineteenth century Hertfordshire parishes. The data come primarily from ecclesiastical sources which counted parishioners, sometimes non-Anglicans, whilst others simply counted ‘houses’. The original sources did not list individuals’ names. The tables include all of the figures available from each source, but returns do not survive for every parish in every source. Introductory chapters discuss the figures in general terms, population trends in so far as they can be ascertained, Dissenters and Roman Catholics, and how to interpret and use the tables.

First published in 1964, and long out of print, the statistics have been reprinted by the Hertfordshire Record Society, as a tribute to Lionel Munby who was a founding member of the Society and its first Honorary Secretary. All of the data are, of course, still valid, but this reprint provides the opportunity for some amendments and additions to be made: archival references have been updated; footnotes and a postscript have been added referring to recent work on the various sources; and two new appendices provide some recently-discovered data from the archdeaconry of St. Albans dated 1595 and references for some surviving hearth tax returns.

  • 40 pages
  • 5 maps, plus illustrated cover
  • ISBN 978-0-9501741-1-2

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