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Volume XVI: Survey of the Royal Manor of Hitchin, 1676

The text of the survey, taken ten years after the manor was restored to the Crown, details both the land holdings in the common fields, pastures and meadows, acre by acre, and the houses, yards, shops, bulks, stallages, porches, breweries, tile kilns and mills in the town centre. It describes the holdings of 189 freeholders and 154 copyholders, frequently stating the previous tenant's relationship to the present one. It also includes a description of the customs of the manor. The Introduction sets the survey in the context of seventeenth-century Hitchin, correcting previous interpretations of the manor's history.

  • Edited and with an Introduction by Bridget Howlett
  • xxviii + 123pp, fully indexed
  • ISBN 0-953779-5-0

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